Decorative but Cool Pool Pavers

Custom Paver Machine
Custom Paver MachineCustom Pavers
Custom Pavers

We at Bonafide Pool Builders, Inc. are determined to give your the best product on the market. That is why we create our own pavers for the pools we sell. We also do driveways and this adds to the landscaping of our client’s backyard.

We’ve been working on some new technology with the paver machine to make Cool pavers, which means they don’t get hot on your feet. We use a special formula in the mix which creates a cool paver. We sell these pavers for approximately $10.00 a square foot installed. Wholesale we sell them for $4.50 square foot not installed.

At this time, there are only about six or eight different colors that you can choose from. Those are sand buff, light grey, light buff, light red, light autumn brown, and sand stone.

Greys, beige, and light red selections are colors that don’t get hot on your feet. The biggest complaint on pavers are that they are hot around pool and most of the time weeds tend to break through the grout thats surrounding the pavers. So we use a grout in between our pavers, called polymeric sand, which is a sand that gets hard so the weeds will not grow through.

So our pavers are different than everyone else. We are offering the public something that no other company has.